a job jar.

The first day of school came fast for us.
We are on our first year of YEAR ROUND school.
Yes…. the dreaded on + off again schedule.
But I can only hate it or try to embrace it, so that’s what I’m going to do!
………..Embrace the CRAP out of it!!!!
I’ve got these BIG plans + fun things that I’ve been planning to do with my kiddos.
We’ll see what I actually get around to though.
These days I have a lot of ambition but not a lot of follow through.
Which is just how I have to accept life right now.


Riley + Hadley have done awesome going back to school.
I am so proud of these to little ladies!!
They have grown up so fast, I just don’t know where the time has gone!

In other news, I posted this super simple idea on Instagram that I got from here.

It was something that I needed to make our mornings run a little smoother.
Since school starts now almost a whole 30 minutes earlier, I just can’t seem to get the
outfits put together, the hair done, beds made, breakfast made for 4 kiddos, teeth brushed, lunches packed, jobs done + girls out the door by 8:25.


I had lots of people asking what kinds of jobs I put in there.
Well I just did what I thought would work for us.
Some are kind of silly to keep the excitement in the jobs + some are kind of boring.
But that being said, I also needed a system that was different than what we were doing before.
So here is what we are doing + some ideas to hopfully inspire you:

Dust fireplace mantel
Dust tables in the living room while humming a tune
Wash French door windows in back
Wash 2 windows by front door {inside + out}
Clean out bathroom cabinets and drawers
Dust tables in family room
Organize + clean bathroom counter
Clear off back porch + do a flip on the tramp
Dust black table in the entry
Pick up all shoes + put away
Pick up family room while singing your favorite song
Sweep off front porch while dancing
Wipe out shelves in fridge
Straighten stuff in the pantry
Dust pictures going up the stairs
Wipe down outside of fridge, microwave, oven + dishwasher
Clean out inside of microwave
Wipe down chairs and stools
Clean toilets while singing “Whistle While you Work”
Dust banister with a blindfold on
Sweep the entry way
Take out bathroom garbage’s
Weed for 15 minutes + do a flip on the tramp
Water pots out front + shake your BOOTY!
Do a secret service for your Mom
Do a secret service for your Dad
Do a secret service for your sister
Do a secret service for your brother
Write a letter to Peela + Papa
Write a letter to Grandma Doris
Write a letter to Papa Tom
Write a letter to a friend + deliver it later
Write a thank you card to someone

> > >  NO JOB TODAY  < < <
I love you + have a great day!!

> > >  SUPER SANT PICK-UP  < < <
Pick up 10 things + put away

Kiss and hug mom + dad!
Tell them 3 things you love about them.

Play with Grayson for 10 minutes.
{Read a book, play school, wrestle or play with toys}

Play with Deacon for 10 minutes.
{Play with toys, toss a ball or crawl around with him}

 Write a note to a cousin:
Tell them why you love them

> > >  Write in your journal  < < <
{Ask Mom or Dad what to write about}

Well, hello there!!


Alright, it’s just been so long that I think at one point I thought I was done with this whole blogging thing. But after having our new little man (yes, almost a year ago) I have this new
commitment to want to blog again. My reasons are this + this alone…..

I LOVE to document my life. I feel a sense of success, happiness + peace when I do.
I love looking back + seeing just how blessed + happy we are. Yes, we do have trials,
hard times, etc, etc….. I feel like a bad mom A LOT, I feel frustrated A LOT, four kids for us
is HARD!! (SO HARD) But I feet like my blog allows ME to find the simple joys in my ordinary life.
The fun among the hard times AND the good times. This is a way to really help me


To have those ordinary moments made special.

…….So I’m gunna do it!!:)

the simple things.

Today was a sad, sad day.
With the horrible news we got today
of loosing a wonderful mother, wife + friend in a car accident
it made me start thinking………..
That life is so precious.
That family is so very important.
And that my beliefs are everything.

Riley said the family prayer tonight + it brought me to tears.
She asked that the Dosch family would have comfort.
Earlier in conversation today I was telling Riley
that G wouldn’t see his mom anymore.

Riley quickly reminded me that I was wrong…..
That they would see each other someday just not for a long time.

This simple conversations I had with her

+ her beautiful prayer full of simple thoughtfulness
made me realize that there is so much more to life.
That each day is full of the simple things that matter most.
Which for me tonight is life, family togetherness + a sweet prayer.

Our prayers + thoughts go out to the Dosch Family. XOXO

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January | Month In Photos 2012

Confession: I am NOT doing Project Life this year. 😦
I’ve LOVED doing it but I am behind on the two years that I have tried to tackle it.
And really, if I’m being honest it’s so time consuming + hard IF you aren’t into it.
This year, I just wasn’t into it. So I have decided to go the Month In Photos rout.
It just seemed simple. If you are interested here’s the free template.

Reward Charts.

I wanted to share what we’ve been doing in our home + (with some doing) has actually worked! It all started with my cute neighbor doing this with her kids. And yes, I just up + copied her whole system!! But it’s so great + my girls seem to be having success with it. Which makes Damon + I thrilled. The whole idea is to let the kids earn “chips” for: doing what we ask, getting daily jobs done or doing a good deed for another family member. Like the typical reward system for any child. Well when they get their boards full they get a reward that they right now they choose from a hat. But my cute neighbor made a spinner that the kids get to spin with the thrill of not knowing what their reward is. And gives them more motive to fill up their boards to spin for that ONE thing they’ve been wanting. I think it’s brilliant!! But perhaps I’m most happy about this because I actually made, finished + have a system that works for our family.

Supplies Needed:
Clip boards
20 Wooded chips (I used 1 1/4 inch)
2 Paint colors (Paint color for board + one for chips)
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
20 Velcro circles
Printed or stamped label for title
Ribbon for embellishing

To get my kids excited for this new system I let them do ALL the painting. Yes it was messy but they loved doing it. I didn’t worry if they weren’t getting it everywhere. I just went with it. After that step I did the rest. I mod podged the scrapbook paper + title to the board. Then put another finishing coat on top. I Mod Podged the painted chips for a more finished look as well. Then applied the Velcro to the backs of all the chips + adhered them in place on the board. Lastly, I embellished with a bit of ribbon on top. It’s not the most perfect looking thing. It’s simple, but done. That’s all that matters to me!!